Clinic Cat

My name is Poe and I am 13 years old. I’ve been the king at RVC since 2007. I came in as a small kitten after I got injured in a fan belt accident and needed the doctor’s help. I lost my leg in the accident so obviously I need extra love and to be picked up and carried everywhere.

I love boxes, and every week we get a HUGE shipment of them just for me (people say it's to get food and stock but I don’t believe them). Everyone here thinks Dr. Amy is the boss, but I feel that since I have been here longer I get to boss her around. So I often sit in front of her and yell at her to pick me up, and most of the time she listens to me, but humans take a long time to train.


You will usually see me up on the front desk in my basket (because its box-shaped; did I mention I LOVE boxes?) because that means everyone will see me and love me!