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Wellness and Preventative Medicine
Physial Exams
Medical Procedures
Surgical Procedures
Wellness and Preventative Medicine

At Riverview Veterinary Clinic our goal is to help prevent disease in your family pets.  Our mission is to decrease the chances your pet will need to be treated for any preventable disease.

We are happy to provide annual wellness exams, nutritional, behavioral, and weight management consultation, parasite control, and vaccinations. All of these are factors in the preventative medicine program we recommend in order to increase your pet’s chances at living a long and healthy life free of preventable disease.

physical exams

One of the most important of the services provided at Riverview Veterinary Clinic is the comprehensive physical exam. Through observation, touch, smell and sound our we are able to assess your pet’s physical status, the presence of abnormalities and injuries and the presence of many disease indicators. From this they are able to determine the best course of action in order to diagnose and treat your pet’s injuries and illnesses.


We are proud to be able to offer our clientele high quality diagnostics with our digital X-ray system, ultrasonography, in-house blood sample analysis, urinalysis and culture and microscopic analysis of ear, skin and fluid samples.

medical procedures

Our staff are highly qualified and able to provide a wide range of medical procedures. Phlebotomy, intravenous and urinary catheterization, radiology, pregnancy ultrasonography, fluid and tissue sampling and cytology are among the many procedures handled at Riverview Veterinary Clinic.

surgical procedures

Our veterinarian is a skilled surgeon and is able to provide routine surgeries such as spays, neuters and lump removals, as well as more intensive surgical procedures such as cruciate ligament repairs, patellar surgery, exploratory laparotomies, foreign object removal, caesarian sections and pyometra spay.


Dental care is a major component of disease prevention. Riverview Veterinary Clinic provides a complete dental service for our patients, that includes full dental exam and chart, dental radiographs, hand and ultrasonic scaling, dental polish, and if required, the extraction of diseased teeth, all performed under general anesthesia.


As we are a general practice clinic, there are occasionally cases in which a more specialized approach is warranted. At Riverview Veterinary Clinic we are proud to work in conjunction with a number of referral services, including:

Guardian Veterinary Centre

Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency

FVS Imaging

Idexx Reference Laboratories and Telemedicine


Each member of our team has loved and lost pets. We are all aware of how difficult a time it is to say goodbye to a loved one.

Our staff are understanding and compassionate and we strive to make this sad day as peaceful and comfortable as possible for you and your pet. We work closely with Gateway Pet Memorial, a local company that offers dignified private and communal cremation services as well as a number of urns and keepsake jewellery if you choose to keep your pet's remains.

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