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Marcella Ingram
Tech Assistant/Reception

Marcella discovered her talents with dogs at the age of 13 years, when she began volunteering in a dog-sledding kennel. Her love of animals and her skills with them have grown since then.

Marcella is a graduate of Canada West Canine Center where she earned first her Certified Trainer (2003), and then her Certified Master Trainer (2004) certificates. Marcella began her time at Riverview Vet Clinic in 2012 as a part time groomer but has since become our Receptionist /Tech assistant.

In her spare time Marcella enjoys working with and training her own troop of dogs. She also enjoys reading, painting and drawing.

Through the years Marcella has had some very special animals, but currently she is loved by her Belgian Malinois “Tayzeah”, 2 Dutch shepherds “Rhysah and Bree”,a German Shepherd dog “Tzipporah”  and a cat "G.B.".

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