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At Riverview Veterinary Clinic, we strive to provide you and your pet with longterm, quality veterinary care, from the first puppy or kitten exam to senior care and everything in between!


Whether it be annual health exams, preventative medicine, diet consultation, dental care, surgery, or disease diagnosis, our staff works alongside our clients to optimize the care and wellbeing of their pets.

At RVC we are animal lovers first! Rest assured that your furry family member will always be treated with kindness and compassion.


From examinations to dentistry to surgical procedures, we offer a range of services for your pet. 


We have the best, most dedicated veterinary staff around. Get to know them here.


Check out our available adoptable furry friends and give someone a new fur-ever home!



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Riverview Veterinary Clinic will be closed on Thursday September 30th in recognition of those impacted by residential schools and in honor of the national day of Truth and Reconciliation.
All of the RVC staff extend condolences to all the friends and families effected by residential schools and the tragedies involved. 🧡
In case of emergency after RVC regular operating hours please contact Guardian Veterinary Center at 780-436-5880 or Pulse Veterinary Clinic at 780-570-9999.

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                                   **POLICY UPDATE**

          Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the province of                                  Alberta we have had to  update our policies. 

                               As of August 31, 2021:


- ONE (1) person per appointment will be allowed within the building during exam/vaccination appointments. TWO (2) people during euthanasia appointments.  This does not include young children in car seats or strollers.
- Masks are still MANDATORY within the building.
- Our Doctors will have an assistant come into your appointment to assist with restraint and handling of your pet. We request that the owner within the exam room respects physical distancing rules and remains seated during the appointment. 
- Curbside appointments still available upon request.
- All animals must be on leash or in a carrier PRIOR to coming in the building for their safety.
                       These changes will take effect immediately and be in                                                                  effect until further notice. 
                       Please call the clinic with any questions or concerns

                                                Thank You, RVC Staff.

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Dear Riverview Vet Family,


We have had several questions and concerns about our current COVID protocols,

with the largest concern being our curbside operations.

I wanted to touch base with you all to clarify why we are operating as we currently are.

I understand that COVID has placed stress on everyone and has caused changes in our world that are inconvenient and stressful. Having said that, we are doing our absolute best to make your animals visit to the clinic as comfortable and stress free as possible.

As you all know, RVC is a single veterinarian practice. We have a grand total of 6 staff members, one of which is currently working strictly from home.

We do not have the luxury of multiple separate “teams” that work exclusively together. If by chance, any one of our staff members tests positive for COVID, or is exposed to a COVID positive individual, we ALL must self quarantine....

As a result, the clinic then shuts its doors for a minimum of 2 weeks, as there is no one else to take over and care for your pets.

Clinics with multiple teams, and several veterinarians are able to maintain an open door policy by using the separate "team" approach.

For this reason, we have elected to operate as “curbside” only and no one other than staff are permitted in the building, until we are certain a COVID exposure will not shut our doors.

We have made one exception to the curbside protocols. Clients are allowed in clinic for euthanasia appointments, however, during these appointments we only allow 2 clients inside and they must wear masks at all times.

We ask for your understanding and patience, as these changes have been stressful and difficult for us as well as for you and your pets.

We will keep you updated via Instagram, Facebook and our website as protocols and hours change.

Thank you all for your support during these trying times!

Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind to one another!


                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Amy and RVC Staff


We have extended our COVID-19 operating hours.

As of Friday Sept. 18/20 we will be returning to

regular operating hours on

Mondays & Fridays.
Until further notice we will be open:

Mon. & Fri. 8 am to 5:30 pm

Tue. - Thur. 8 am to 3:30 pm.
For any emergencies please contact   

VCA Guardian Veterinary Center @ 780-436-5880 or Pulse Veterinary Clinic @ 780-570-9999.