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Caraley Scott
Office Manager

Caraley has been an avid animal lover all her life, which lead her to becoming an experienced dog trainer. She is so happy to be able to combine her life’s passion of working with animals, and her career experience into one job. Combining that with being able to bring her best four-legged friend to work with her everyday has been a dream come true.

She happily belongs to a 14-year-old diabetic cat “Mr. Frodo” and a 9-year-old Belgian Malinois “Scarlett”, who Caraley teamed up with when she was a 9-month-old pup. They have trained and competed together in French Ring Sport originally and currently in CKC and UKC competitive obedience, as well as Agility, and Scent Detection. As a team they have achieved a “Master Obedience Trial Champion” title, the 2nd highest attainable title in CKC obedience!

After hours, Caraley works as an obedience instructor at Parkland Kennels in Stony Plain. For the last eight and a half years she has been helping pet owners to successfully train their pets into well-mannered fury family members, by creating a happy, healthy dog and handler bond built on trust and respect. She also helps to coach many other dog and handler teams in competitive obedience.

When Caraley is not working/teaching or training with Scarlett, she enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends, especially her 2-year-old grandson Davin.

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